Marketing Glossary
  • advertising
  • affiliate marketing
  • affiliate programs
  • b to b marketing
  • banners
  • brand marketing
  • business marketing
  • business to business marketing
  • career in marketing
  • consumer marketing
  • consumer product marketing
  • CPC, CPA (CPL)
    Cost per Click (CPC) model is used to buy media according to the number of clicks on the creativity ads. It is not important number of an ad impressions but number of clicks. Cost per Action / Cost per lead (CPA/CPL) is a model to buy media according to users action. (registration, order, buy) and it's not important number of an ad impressions.
  • CPT (CPM)
    Common advertising place buy model. Client order number of ad impressions for the campaigns
  • Click Rate, Click Trough Rate
    A click rate is a rate between number of clicks and advertising impressions. Click rate (in %) = numbers of clicks / number of impressions * 100. A click rate is one of the parameters of the campaign results. Click trough rate is a rate between number of visits on the web page and number of the ad impressions..
  • Classifieds
  • Conversion rate
    Effective Conversion Rate (ECR) is a rate between number of actions (registration on the web pages, order, on-line buy) and advertising ad impressions. Visitors Conversion Rate (VCR) ia a rate between number of users who did the required action and also clicked on a advertising format.
  • Cosmic cursor / Cosmic Ad: Ad format is sticked to mouse cursor. It is not possible to click on ad - has branding effect. Technical specification: format max 100x80 type gif size 5 KB
  • database marketing
  • Direct mail :
  • Direct mail, E-zine: Advertising PR information inserted into opt-in emails or newsletters. Text or graphical format can be inserted. Technical specification: type text, html, gif
  • direct email marketing
  • direct mail marketing
  • direct marketing
  • direct marketing association
  • E-mail footer : Advertising text is inserted into end of the email send from free email service. Technical specification: format around 140 chars type text or hypertext
  • e marketing
  • ecommerce marketing
  • email marketing
  • email marketing services
  • Flat fee
    Model of on-line media buy for specific period of time. Customers pay for specific period the advertising is "on air". This method is mostly used for sponsoring or partnership campaigns
  • Frequency, sequence
    Frequency allows to limit number of an ad impressions for one user. In ad format limitation generally rise Click Rate of the campaign. Sequence allows to show ad formats to one user in defined sequence. User see higher number of ad formats in defined sequence
  • guerilla marketing
  • Hits
    It is a number of requests and object send from a server. (text, picture, sound, video,…) All requests of a user are counted in total without separation, no matter if hits have been made by one user or a group of users.
  • HTML
    HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is a basic language used in Internet network. HTML documents (www pages) are text files with text and html language symbols .
  • Impressions
    One impression = one delivery of an advertising banner. Number of impressions means number of advertising displayed.
  • integrated marketing communication
  • interactive marketing
  • internet advertising
  • internet marketing
  • internet marketing consultant
  • internet marketing consulting
  • internet marketing online
  • internet marketing services
  • internet marketing strategy
  • Interstitial - Before loading of the media web page ad page is inserted for several seconds. Technical specification: format full screen, type html
  • Ilayer : Ad format splash over the web page and then is "packed" into smaller ad format. Ad splash again after mouse over smaller ad format. Technical specification: type flash, gif, rich media
  • Leads
  • Mailing lists
  • marketing
  • marketing advertising
  • marketing agency
  • marketing communication
  • marketing company
  • marketing consultant
  • marketing consulting
  • marketing firm
  • marketing idea
  • marketing management
  • marketing mix
  • marketing organization
  • marketing plan
  • marketing professional
  • marketing promotion
  • marketing research
  • marketing services
  • marketing strategy
  • marketing tool
  • marketing trend
  • Microsite : Microsite is a html site which is used in case www sites of the client does not exists .
  • mortgage marketing
  • multimedia marketing
  • niche marketing
  • on line marketing
  • Online media
    Online media is a name for www sites or servers, which content is available for www browsers. Internet sites are generally written in html format and are viewable only through internet browser
  • Out of box : Ad format flow over the web page. .Number of impressions is limited. Technical specification: type flash, gif, rich media size 5 KB
  • Pay Per Click
  • Page view
    Page view is a number of the displayed www pages for one or all internet users.
  • Promotions
  • PR article : Ad text is inserted as a common article. Technical specification: type text and gif
  • Press Release
  • product design development marketing
  • product marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Reach affinity
    Reach is a media coverage of a target group or a cumulative number of ad contact. Netreach is a contact with % users based on a frequency 1 (saw at least once). Reach is calculated in % or number of users. Affinity is a rate of % of target group to % of whole population with specific media consumption. The higher affinity index, the medium is more suitable to reach target group.
  • Referrals
  • retail marketing
  • Rich media, streaming
    Reach media are new technologies used in interactive creativity development. Reach media are formats developed in flash, Java, dhtml or other new technologies. Streaming is a technology of video serving which is able to play the video format and download in real time.
  • sales marketing
  • search engine marketing
  • search engine marketing company
  • search engine marketing firm
  • search engine marketing services
  • search engine optimization
  • SEO
  • small business marketing
  • SPAM, Opt-in, opt-out
    SPAM is not required email which user receives also with out subscription. Opt-in is a method how to register for subscription of a specific content delivered by e-mail. Opt-out is a method when e-mail is send and user has a possibility to unsubscribe from e-mail blast.
  • strategic internet marketing
  • strategic marketing
  • Top marketing firm
  • Traffic
  • Unique users
    Number of unique users who visited the site.
  • Viral marketing
    Viral marketing is based on a fact that people forward e-mails with interesting information (text - joke, story, video, picture) between themselves. Viral marketing is a very cheap and efficient for on-line and off-line communication.
  • Visits
    Request from one user on the www server. When a user is not active over 30 minutes on the server, another request is recognized as an another visit.
  • web site marketing
  • web site marketing strategy