About CITM
We help national and international organizations to meet their challenges. These organizations are under constant pressure to deliver ever-better results while contending with a wide range of risks that can threaten their survival. We help clients solve their toughest problems. Their biggest challenges. The sort of hurdles that require the unique capabilities of our team of top-caliber professionals — business experts, strategists, specialists and researchers.

Corporate Responsibility makes good business sense. As an ethical, values-driven organization, we have always had a distinct advantage when we compete for clients and for talent. And we can raise the bar globally by not only complying with laws and regulations wherever we operate but also by leading and voluntarily engaging in the highest level of ethical behavior and principled economic conduct. n every instance, we must do what is right — through our conduct, not just our words. CR is not a luxury or a choice; it is necessary for our growth as a business and for ensuring a robust and sustainable future.

Strategic Alliances. Here at CITM we have always taken a strong interest in a variety of topics which are critical to our clients, our people and our own business. Through our member firms worldwide, CITM is actively engaged with a select number of alliance partners. Together, these partnerships work to influence and shape the debate on any number of critical issues, from health care to corporate governance.